Celebrate Freedom will begin the journey of establishing a Community Freedom Ministry, a discipleship ministry, whose purpose is creating a freedom presence in their home church or hometown.

Celebrate Freedom announces the beginning of a new discipleship course of study that will provide the opportunity to learn and mature in one’s relationship with God and at the same time come to a basic understanding of the principles of discipleship and discipleship counseling.

Scheduled Classes will be held Thursdays at 6:30 pm at Rock Solid Church, 334 Union Street, Hudson NY 12534, enter through the red door at the rear of the church. Our faith in Christ has been given to us as a means of personal salvation and growth with the purpose to help others. These classes are open to all members of the community who seek to mature in their faith and to help others come to experience the benefits of a life set free through faith in Christ, particularly for those who seek to minister to others. This Freedom is an environment of grace and truth, under church authority where three things typically occur.

Community Freedom Curriculum

Classes will be taught by Celebrate Freedom’s M.T. Clark. A graduate of Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary, M.T. Clark has a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and recently completed his master’s thesis in Christian Counseling.

There is the teaching of the message of freedom, as explained in the best-selling books by Dr. Neil Anderson, Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker. The CFM is involved in taking people through the helpful, transferrable ministry tool, The Steps to Freedom in Christ. The CFM provides training for individuals desiring to become better equipped at helping people discover spiritual freedom through using The Steps to Freedom in Christ.

For more information about Dr. Neil Anderson and his Freedom In Christ Ministries go to: https://ficm.org/